JUST IN : JJ Watt, a minority owner at Burnley, shares a unique moment with Vincent Kompany

JJ Watt has confessed that when Burnley won the Championship last season, he was dragged into playing cards and drinking drinks with the team.

The former NFL star, together with his wife Kealia, became a minority owner at the Premier League team immediately after they won the Championship last season.
Watt, who is still only 34 years old, traveled to Lancashire for the parade to celebrate their title-winning season under Vincent Kompany.

He was reunited with the Burnley manager for a Men in Blazers chat this week, when Watt discussed the conflict of associating with players his own age – even though he is officially their employer.

‘A few of months ago, during the parade, I came in – obviously, now that I’m part of the ownership group, I’m no longer a player – and all the boys were getting ready for the procession,’ he explained

JJ Watt's Burnley message after key decision on Clarets future emerges -  Mirror Online

‘Ashley Barnes is playing poker at a table and drinking drinks with the boys. “JJ, come on over, sit down!” he exclaimed.

‘So I’m sitting there thinking, “All right, I’m in the ownership group, but I’m still the same age as Ashley, and I’m a player at heart.” So we start playing cards, I’m drinking a beer, and he says, “Come on, we’re going on the bus!”

‘So we go on to go to the parade, and I’m like, “Am I supposed to be having fun and enjoying myself or not?” But it’s the little things that make it so memorable – that day, that march, everything about it. You could tell the squad was unique.’

In the Premier League, Kompany presently leads Burnley. They are at the bottom of the standings, having lost their first three games after gaining promotion.

Watt asked the Belgian whether there were any characteristics of the NFL or other sports that he would like to incorporate into soccer.

‘There is still a lot I want to learn, but attention to detail, hours of instruction for the players – I think you spend a lot more time in the classroom than we do,’ Kompany added.

‘There are other aspects in football (soccer) that are incredibly healthy that we need to retain, but I absolutely think we have another layer of levels to come when it comes to players dedicating the day to the profession.’

Watt has already planned another meeting with his manager. ‘I’m going to Belgium someday, and we’re going to have a waffle tour,’ he remarked. ‘That will be our next show together.’

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