JUST IN : Newcastle United has finally announce Whey Aye Man and Toon Tottie

Out in the pub last night, we were talking Newcastle United, as usual, when somebody brought up ‘Whey Aye Man’.

Yes, I know this is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what we may say in a pub after a few drinks, then a few more.

However, I’m referring to the Whey Aye Man, which Newcastle United debuted in 2012.

I’m thinking of starting a ‘Did this really happen?’ series of stories for The Mag, using this as the first.

I mention this because, on Saturday morning, I began to wonder if this had all been a prank, that ‘Whey Aye Man’ had never truly become a thing.

However, I went back online and sure enough, exactly 11 years to the day before Newcastle United’s Champions League match against PSG, Mike Ashley and his people embarrassed NUFC fans even more (I didn’t think it was possible) by announcing (see below) that this ‘Whey Aye Man’ outfit was now on sale to all discerning fans for the low, low price of £49.99!

Yes, Mike Ashley and his people did really think this was a good idea.

Newcastle sell 'Whey Aye Man' superhero costume

It gets better / worse though.

Just so the discerning female Newcastle fans didn’t feel left out, the club also introduced a ‘Toon Tottie’ outfit for sale in the club shop, which appeared to have been designed by Benny Hill (ask your dad / grandad): Did any of you out there actually buy one (or both!) of these outfits?

I would love to know.

Even better, did anybody wear one of these out in public?

Let me know in the comments please.

I have to say, the ‘Toon Tottie’ outfit looks pretty unforgiving for any lass who isn’t on a near starvation diet! Also, is that hat real and how did it stay on your head??

Newcastle United official announcement – 4 October 2012:

‘Whey Aye Man costumes, ideal for stag dos, nights outs or away games, is now on sale in the Club stores and Shearer’s bar

By Dan King – Newcastle United Club Reporter

You’ve heard of Superman, Spiderman and Batman… but now there’s a new superhero in town.

Newcastle United have today unveiled Whey Aye Man, a black and white caped crusader with the speed of Hatem Ben Arfa, the strength of Shola Ameobi and the reflexes of Tim Krul.

The costume is now available to buy in Club stores and Shearer’s Bar, priced at £49.99.

Ideal for nights out and stag dos, it will also make an eye-catching outfit for home and away games.

It is part of the Club’s new range of fancy dress wear, for men and women which include the NUFC Second Skin and the NUFC Toon Tottie garments.

And to celebrate the launch of Whey Aye Man, nufc.co.uk is inviting fans to send in photos of where they spot the superhero over the coming weeks.

Nobody knows who he (or she) is but if you spot Whey Aye Man out and about, email your snaps to website@nufc.co.uk and we’ll publish the best ones.

Click here to buy Whey Aye Man’



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