What Jake Edwards and Mark Cartwright said about former Huddersfield coach move cause to the club

The new manager left Sheffield Wednesday in disgrace in the summer, and the Terriers have decided to replace Neil Warnock ahead of schedule. Darren Moore is now the manager of Huddersfield Town, albeit the choice to replace Neil Warnock in the first place was not unanimously welcomed by the Terriers fanbase. That topic naturally dominated this week’s episode of our podcast Ooh To Be A Terrier.

Opta analyst David Hartrick joined our resident Town writer Steven Chicken for the podcast, which also included a talk of what we can expect from the new manager and some reflections on the 2-0 win over Rotherham and 2-2 draw with Stoke City.

The following is a transcript of our conversation about Moore’s arrival. You may subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts by searching for “Ooh To Be A Terrier” – or you can listen to or download the latest episode directly by clicking here.

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Neil Warnock to leave Huddersfield after midweek game against Stoke |  Huddersfield | The Guardian

“I think realistically, for a club like Huddersfield Town, you’re going to get one of three types of manager.” Really, you’ll get one of three types of managers – 1) a complete unknown, someone rising up from assistant, which we know is a risk because

because sometimes you get David Wagner or Carlos Corberan, and sometimes you get Mark Fotheringham or Jan Siewert.

“Or 2) you get someone from the same level or higher – maybe the Premier League – but they’ve got flaws on their CV and there’s a reason they’re coming down and ending up at Huddersfield Town; or 3) you get someone who has done a good job in League One or perhaps even League Two and is ready to take the step up to the Championship.

“Darren Moore is somewhere between those last two categories really, probably more towards the last one. We know he had Donny in the play-offs in League One when he left them, then has had two campaign pushing for promotion with Sheffield Wednesday – the second successful – but then obviously has been unable to see that through by coming to the Championship with them. So realistically this was always the kind of profile Town were going to get.”

Hartrick: “I think he’s someone who some people assume … is there to be there for about 12 months and then you look to upgrade. I think that’s a bit unfair and if you look at his CV there’s a lot to be hopeful about … I don’t think he’s going to bring in anything that’s going to take that squad 15 games to get their head around, which I think is important … I think in January they probably will get him a couple of players and let him evolve a little bit, and I see the sense in it.

“… When you say it was the Neil Warnock show…I think last season, to do what he needed to do, Neil Warnock needed to make himself bigger than the club.”

Chicken: “Particularly because they were an absolute mess at the time.”

Hartrick: “Yeah. Whereas now I think the last thing Huddersfield Town needed was someone who was bigger than the club. It just didn’t feel like a marriage that was going to work, whereas you look at Darren Moore and think ‘alright, all the pieces fit’.”



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