What Sean Dyche said about Burnley manager Vincent Kompany

Richard Keys has slammed Burnley manager Vincent Kompany, whom he says sees the Turf Moor job as a “vanity project,” in contrast to Sean Dyche, who has invested in both the club and the town.

Despite leading Burnley to the Championship title and promotion in the process last season, the Clarets are in the relegation zone after five games in the top division.

They have only one point after losing four of their five matches.

Keys has blamed Burnley’s poor record on their manager, whom he believes is taking risks and views his job as a vanity project.

He then contrasted Kompany and Dyche as managers of the Turf Moor-based club, emphasizing how Dyche had invested in both the club and the manager, unlike his successor.

Vincent Kompany banned Burnley tradition introduced by Sean Dyche before  winning Premier League promotion

Keys stated on his blog, “Vincent Kompany is taking liberties.”

“I’m afraid it appears that managing Burnley is merely a vanity project for him.”

“He later stated, ‘any team associated with my name will always play good football.'”

“You’re wrong, Vinny.

“You’ve got that completely backwards.

“It’s the other way around – right now your name is associated with Burnley – a fantastic old club that has always known what it is over the years.”

“That was understood by Sean Dyche. He invested in both the club and the municipality.

“You could see he was serious. He was known as ‘Burnley’ at Turf Moor.

“Kompany appears to be just passing through.”

“He is willing to sacrifice the club and its fans, who work damned hard for the 90 minutes of distraction in extremely difficult circumstances, in order to raise funds.”

his reputation and hope for the best – probably surely City in his mind.”

On Tuesday, Kompany’s side will face Salford City in an EFL Cup third-round match after barely losing 1-0 to Manchester United at the weekend.


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