Victor Osimhen sent a 4 words message to Napoli team management

“The latest incidents were a stumbling block. They were major issues, but they were resolved. The emphasis is now on the regeneration, which appeared imminent but never realized. His current contract is set to expire in 2025. However, without an extension, the team will begin to lose leverage in the winter ahead of the summer.”

“Either Napoli and Osimhen re-sign, or it will be a hot topic in June.” I don’t think he’ll be able to depart in January. That’s not something the Azzurri are used to. His sale will not bring in €200 million. It’s difficult to imagine someone offering €150 million. I believe he is on Chelsea’s radar, but I don’t see it as a winter signing.”

Man Utd target Victor Osimhen makes transfer preference clear after secret trip - Mirror Online

The marksman recently broke his quiet, but he hasn’t commented on the deal or made any commitments to the Scudetto holders.

Our Opinion on Osimhen and Napoli
While it’s a good thing they’ve been able to put the trivial stuff aside, the talks to extend his contract are a hanging dark cloud over their season. If his agent wants to make his leaving easier, he should avoid making an agreement, at least by incorporating a reasonable release provision.

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