Nottingham Forest has issued a transfer warning on their ‘next Brighton’ approach.

Nottinghamshire Live brings you the latest Nottingham Forest transfer news as the Garibaldi Red podcast examines Forest’s Premier League hopes.
Every Premier League fan outside of the top six wishes their team could be the next Brighton.

The Seagulls are playing buccaneering football under Roberto De Zerbi for the first time in Europe, and they have mastered the art of discovering uncut diamonds in the transfer market. Nottingham Forest hopes to be considered in the same league after adding Danilo and Murillo in the last year as they push into South American markets.

Sky Sports commentator Seb spoke on the newest Garibaldi Red podcast.

Hutchinson says Forest can try to model Brighton but they must have joined up thinking from top to bottom when it comes to recruitment “To ask if they can do what Brighton do, I would say that if you operate to develop gems and sell them on, is there a time where that runs out? Selling your best players is difficult,” he said.

Neymoleque | Fan 🇧🇷 on X: "Brazilian players who plays at Nottingham  Forest: -Danilo(22) -Andrey Santos(19) -Felipe(34) -Murillo(21) soon Bright  future 🇧🇷" / X

“Brighton have done that very well. The way Forest are going is a good way to go. You’re getting good players in, but can a fan name an XI you can see every week. Do the players like Worrall and Yates have a place still? You want them to for their commitment and what they’ve done before.

“Do you give new signings a long run in the team? You can bring a World Cup winner in (Montiel) and they can not perform very well at all in certain games. Do you pick on reputation or stick with someone like Serge Aurier who has in a way rescued his reputation.

“It’s never a sure thing with football. The wish to be a Brighton – sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for as it can go horribly wrong.

“You need to have the right people who know how to do that. Do Forest have that system and structure? Is there a buy in from top to bottom to go down that route? When that happens you see clubs do really well.

“It goes from Man City and Arsenal to Brentford and Brighton. Do Forest have those people in key positions to make that work?”

Hutchinson has commentated on the last two Reds games and seen all bar one match this season and he feels they can aim to finish well above the relegation zone and aim to compete with the likes and Fulham and Crystal Palace in mid-table.

“To have that ambition is fair. Some of the teams like Fulham and particularly Palace, they’re a settled Premier League side. Palace are the sort of club where a lot of others don’t pay attention to their scorelines, but if you look, they’ve 1-0 or drawn 1-1 most weeks. They’re not a club you see lose six games in a row,” he said.

“They had that period last season where they struggled and Vieira left, and then they had a run of kinder matches.” When we watch them on TV, it’s usually against a major team at home, and they do well in those games.

“Does Forest have that kind of power?” It’s the next stage, and I can’t ignore it. When it comes to away games this season, they’ve only lost by a single point to Arsenal and Manchester United. There was also some resentment that they didn’t get anything at the Etihad.

“I haven’t forgotten Chelsea!” I believe Forest are looking at clubs like Brentford and believing we can outperform them. That is the goal right now.”


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