What Jamie Carragher said about Sean Longstaff after PSG match

Jamie Carragher has revealed that Sean Longstaff of Newcastle United has been assisting his son throughout his recent injury recovery.

Carragher was speaking during the post-match coverage of Newcastle’s amazing win over PSG on CBS Sports. The commentator was conversing with Dan Burn and Longstaff when he disclosed how much the midfielder had been assisting.

“Can I just jump in there, I don’t know the lads too well but I just wanted to mention this,” Carragher remarked.

“Sean, how long has it been since I called you – 12 months?

“Basically, my son was going through a few injury problems, he’d been through similar ones, didn’t know him, got hold of his number, stayed in touch – brilliant on the phone.

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“We spoke about how as a footballer you have ups and downs and you get your rewards when you put the work in.

“Tonight mate, is your reward, one for coming through the injury but also for the help you gave me and my son so I have to thank you for that.”

And for those wondering, James Carragher is a 20-year-old defender who’s currently playing for Wigan Athletic.

Carragher was so happy to see Longstaff thriving at Newcastle
Carragher wasn’t alone in praising the Newcastle man after the game.

Eddie Howe was also full of compliments for Longstaff after his strong performance against the Parisians.

Longstaff, according to Howe, has been dependable and excellent since his appointment.

And all of this praise from Carragher and his boss must be just the tip of the iceberg for Longstaff following a historic night in Newcastle.

The entire squad must be flooded with joy right now.

However, Howe will undoubtedly warn his team that their response against West Ham United on Sunday is equally essential.

The dreaded ‘European hangover’ is well-known for a reason, and Newcastle and Longstaff will have to learn to manage their time well.

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