Nottingham Forest legend secures unlikely new job with ‘dream’ role

“This article discusses Nigel Jemson’s appointment to a prestigious golf club and his enthusiasm for combining his love for golf and people in his new role. He expresses eagerness to be a welcoming and approachable figure, aiming to enhance each individual’s memorable experience at The Nottinghamshire. He is open to engaging in conversations about football as well.

Owner Alan Hardy expresses his excitement about Jemson joining their team, emphasizing their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences at their golf resort in the East Midlands. They prioritize world-class hospitality for both members and visitors, and Jemson’s passion and experience are seen as vital in achieving this elite-level customer journey.

Nigel Jemson - LassWho

In addition to his role, Jemson will also handle communication with related businesses and suppliers and oversee the organization of larger events. Beyond his playing career, he has embraced sports management and brand ambassador responsibilities and serves as a match day host at the City Ground.

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