Burnley man ‘one of the best options’ for club – Kompany not interested in selling ‘future hero’

Burnley youngster Wilson Odobert ‘should be on’ Ajax’s list of options to reinforce their right-wing position in January, but a deal seems hard to get done.

That’s according to MSN, who list the player among a group of eight players that the Dutch club should be looking at after failing to add in that position in the summer.

They explain that the right-wing position remains a weak one for Ajax, who desperately need an addition in that area moving forwards.


Troyes winger Odobert signs for Burnley | UpTheClarets


MSN have been looking at various options via their data and believe Burnley youngster Odobert would ‘one of the best options’ for the Dutch club. He, though, ‘seems unfeasible in advance’.

They explain that after Burnley paid explain that after Burnley paid €11m for the player last summer, the belief is that they will give him time to develop.

At the moment he is having to do with ‘sparing raids and opportunities’ in the League Cup but that doesn’t mean his ‘enormous potential’ hasn’t been noted at Turf Moor.

With a contract until 2028 they’re betting on him long-term and Burnley manager Vincent Kompany sees him as a ‘future hero’ after keeping an eye on him for some time.

MSN believe a deal for Ajax ‘would have been feasible’ last summer but now it seems too late to get him given he could now be handed a chance in the Premier League.

That could make Ajax look like a step back, particularly given their current crisis, but the player should certainly be on their list, nonetheless.

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