Lincoln City manager Mark Kennedy has has sent wolves potential key player 4 word massage

Lincoln City manager Mark Kennedy has praised the performance of Wolves’ Under-21 goalkeeper, Joe Young, in the second half of their EFL Trophy match against the Imps. In the game held on Tuesday, the League One side hosted Wolves’ Under-21 team and secured a 2-0 victory in the competition.

Although Kennedy acknowledged that his team was somewhat inefficient in the first half, they managed to take the lead with a goal in the 19th minute. They added a second goal during injury time in the second half, and Kennedy also recognized the notable performance of the opposing goalkeeper during that period.

Young heads back out on loan - Wolves Academy

Kennedy stated, “Young is a highly talented player, and Scott Fry consistently speaks very highly of him,” referring to the 21-year-old Wolves academy goalkeeper. He also highlighted Young’s strengths, emphasizing that he compensates for his lack of height with power and agility.

Kennedy expressed his view that the first half saw his team being wasteful, but in the second half, Young delivered an outstanding performance in the goal, which he commended. He concluded with significant credit to Young.

Young’s objective is to maintain consistently strong performances with the youth team, with the hope of catching the attention of Gary O’Neil in the near future.

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