Jobe Bellingham has been praised heavily by fans on social media after his performance for England under-19s.

Jobe Bellingham’s recent performance for England under-19s has garnered significant praise from fans on social media. Last night, England’s under-19 team had a 0-0 draw with Montenegro during European Championship qualifying. While the result left the team disappointed, Jobe Bellingham’s outstanding performance was a major topic of discussion.

Jobe’s impressive form, similar to what he has displayed for Sunderland in the Championship, has earned him considerable acclaim. Sunderland fans, in particular, have been quick to laud Jobe and even draw comparisons between him and one of the league’s top players.

Upon watching a compilation of Jobe’s performance against Montenegro, one fan initially mistook it for an old Jude Bellingham match compilation from his U-19 days, only to realize that it was, in fact, his brother Jobe Bellingham. This observation underscored the brilliance of Jobe’s play and the striking similarity in style between him and his elder brother.

Another fan echoed this sentiment, noting how Jobe Bellingham’s movement and style of play closely resembled that of his elder brother Jude, a testament to their uncanny resemblance on the field.

Sunderland star Jobe Bellingham on the highs and lows that give him  sleepless nights - Chronicle Live

Furthermore, there were predictions of a bright future for Jobe Bellingham, with one fan expressing confidence that he would leave Sunderland for a significant transfer fee, possibly exceeding £50 million, given his exceptional talent and potential. This optimistic view suggested that Jobe is on a trajectory toward becoming a top-class player in the future.

Even a Real Madrid fan joined the chorus of admiration, commenting on the striking similarity between the two brothers and expressing an interest in seeing Jobe Bellingham in Madrid in a few years.

Jobe Bellingham, who is now an 18-year-old first-team regular for Sunderland, has consistently performed well in his recent matches, with average ratings exceeding 7/10 in each of the last five League games according to SofaScore. This strong and consistent performance suggests that he may follow in the footsteps of his brother Jude and reach similar heights in the coming years.

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