Reading FC’s owner evaluates Charlton Athletic’s off-field troubles

The current co-owner of Charlton Athletic, known for his prior role as a director at Sunderland under the management of Stewart Donald, has expressed deep sorrow over the off-field situation. Methven, who was prominently featured in the Netflix series ‘Sunderland ‘Til I Die,’ and now holds a position at the Valley, is originally from Berkshire and is a fan of Oxford United. Formerly a journalist and PR consultant, he also co-hosts a football podcast called ‘Where’s the Money Gone?’

Reading, facing turmoil due to the negligence of owner Dai Yogge, is teetering on the brink as they continue to default on payments and struggle to attract new buyers. Methven, in an interview with Caroline Parker of Sell Before We Dai, remarked, “It is a true tragedy for which, in my opinion, the fans bear no responsibility whatsoever. As Caroline points out, Reading fans

Reading confirm Chinese investors have completed controversial club  takeover the day after reaching Championship play-off final | The Sun

are not demanding, difficult, or troublesome. They enjoyed success under Sir John and appreciated the club’s development. From my conversations with Reading fans, they seem to be content with the understanding that the Championship or the higher echelons of League One is likely their historical level. This has nothing to do with excessive demands; it’s simply a case of disastrous mismanagement.”

A friend of Sir John Madejski, Reading will face Methven’s Charlton Athletic when they return to action after this month’s international break.

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