What Bromley manager Andy Woodman say about Charlton center-back Deje Elerewe

Bromley manager Andy Woodman disclosed that he had been pursuing the signing of Deje Elerewe even before the commencement of the 2023-24 season. The Charlton center-back officially joined the National League team recently. Elerewe had previously enjoyed a successful loan stint with Bromley in the preceding season, joining on a temporary arrangement in March.

During his time with Bromley, the 20-year-old notably scored the winning goal in their 2-1 play-off match against Woking but unfortunately received a red card in the subsequent game, where they narrowly lost 3-2 to Chesterfield.

Deji Elerewe reflects on a whirlwind summer | Charlton Athletic Football  Club

In an interview with BBC London, Woodman expressed his admiration for Deji, both as a person and as a young athlete. He mentioned that he had been actively pursuing Deji’s transfer throughout the summer. Deji had hoped to break into Charlton’s first team, but due to a change in management, the opportunity didn’t materialize. Woodman sees this situation as a potential positive for lower-level teams like Bromley. His current mission is to reintegrate Deji into their squad and help him perform exceptionally.

Woodman conveyed his delight at having Deji on board and extended gratitude to Charlton for facilitating the transfer.

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