What The Terriers chairman Kevin Nagle said about Huddersfield Town manager Darren Moore

The Terriers chairman acknowledges that the newly-appointed manager faced a challenging start but expresses optimism about the club’s future under Darren Moore’s leadership.

After a series of meetings, including a dinner with their new first-team manager, Terriers chairman Kevin Nagle is more positive about the club’s prospects with Darren Moore at the helm.

Previously, they had only communicated from afar, but Huddersfield Town owner Nagle had a face-to-face meeting with Moore during his recent visit from California. During his visit, Nagle also attended to various media responsibilities, met with fans, and participated in discussions about the future of John Smith’s Stadium.

Despite Moore not securing a victory in his first four games as manager, Nagle understands the challenging circumstances, given the congested fixture schedule within the first 15 days of his appointment.

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When asked about what attracted the club to Moore, Nagle cited his impressive track record as a player and manager, describing him as a winner with a strong character and a clear vision for the future. He emphasized Moore’s credentials and expressed confidence in his ability to succeed in the role. Despite Moore’s relatively short time in the job at the time of the interview, Nagle is optimistic about his leadership.

Nagle confirms that the club is prepared to show patience in allowing Moore to develop the squad over the long term, rather than expecting immediate success.

Nagle envisions Moore conducting an information-gathering exercise for now, assessing the strengths and characteristics of the current players to determine the best playing style. Adjustments may be necessary to fit the team’s abilities and preferences.

Nagle suggests that Moore may need to be pragmatic until the January transfer window, where he can bring in players who better fit his desired style of play.

Moore’s reputation as a person of integrity and a skilled manager played a significant role in his selection as the head coach. Nagle believes Moore will contribute to the community, serve as a role model, and engage with the public. He emphasizes Moore’s human side, pointing out that he, like everyone else, has a family and everyday challenges. Nagle believes that fans will appreciate Moore not only as a coach but as a person who manages both on and off the field.

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