Zlatan’s ego is stuff of legend, but he’s far from the only footballer with one

Zlatan’s ego is legendary, but he’s not the sole footballer with an inflated sense of self. Professional footballers require confidence to excel on the grand stage, but some take it to another level. Here are nine players whose egos stand out:

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic:
Zlatan’s self-confidence is well-documented, with numerous quotes showcasing his belief in his greatness. His career success justifies his high self-esteem, although some might find his self-proclaimed “god” status a bit over the top.

2. Mario Balotelli:
Mario Balotelli had an entertaining personality both on and off the pitch. His ego was substantial, claiming that only Messi was better than him. While his talent was evident, his ego may have hindered his potential.

3. Paul Pogba:
Paul Pogba faced criticism but maintained a considerable ego. He even created a documentary called “The Pogmentary” to portray himself more favorably, reflecting his self-gratifying tendencies.

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4. Neymar:
Neymar, despite his achievements, hasn’t reached the expected heights. His ego has been evident in various actions, like leaving Barcelona for more money and tantrums when denied penalties. Still, he’s the most expensive player in history.

5. Leroy Sane:
Leroy Sane’s potential was evident at Manchester City, and it came with a touch of ego. He got a tattoo of himself scoring a goal from a lost game, emphasizing personal achievement over the team’s result.

6. Allan Saint-Maximin:
Allan Saint-Maximin was an exciting talent but didn’t hesitate to throw teammates under the bus to elevate himself. His claim of winning the Ballon d’Or showcased his high self-confidence.

7. Ashley Cole:
Ashley Cole’s ego was clear when he angrily responded to a £55,000 per week offer, a substantial sum during his career. His status as one of the greatest fullbacks added to his self-worth.

8. John Terry:
John Terry, an exceptional defender, had his share of controversies. His ego shone through when he celebrated Chelsea’s Champions League victory in full kit, despite not playing in the final.

9. Richarlison:
Richarlison, a talented player for Tottenham Hotspur, developed some ego over the years. His inclusion here is due to his remarkable tattoo featuring Ronaldo, Neymar, and a self-portrait.

These footballers’ egos have played a role in their careers, for better or worse.



Name Appearances Goals
Richarlison 327 91
John Terry 759 68
Ashley Cole 702 21
Allan Saint-Maximin 301 36
Leroy Sane 335 95
Neymar 589 360
Paul Pogba 423 73
Mario Balotelli 452 184
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 866 511

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