Premier league key Player talks about joining West Brom in the summer transfer window

In spite of an injury preventing West Bromwich Albion midfielder Jeremy Sarmiento from joining Ecuador’s national team, he recently engaged with South American media to discuss his current condition. Earlier this month, West Bromwich Albion confirmed that he would be sidelined for a few weeks, causing him to miss out on the World Cup qualifying rounds.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo EC, Sarmiento expressed his eagerness to make a swift recovery, stating, “I’m eagerly anticipating my return to the team. There isn’t much time left before I can step back onto the pitch.” He also reminisced about his less fortunate stint with Brighton and looked forward to making a strong comeback.

Regarding his time with Brighton, he explained that the original plan was to regain playing rhythm and accumulate minutes, which would be most beneficial for his injuries. He added that when he regains full fitness, he anticipates playing a more significant role, which would also benefit the national team.

Brighton & Hove Albion | Jeremy Sarmiento | Forward

Sarmiento, who moved from Brighton to West Brom on a season-long loan, shared insights into his decision to switch to the Championship, emphasizing that it’s a strategic part of his overall plan. He disclosed, “Yes, I’ve discussed this with my dad on several occasions. While some may perceive this as a step backward, sometimes you have to take one step back to ultimately take two steps forward. It aligns well with my objectives, particularly because we have a good understanding of the manager here at West Bromwich.”

He also praised his relationship with West Brom’s manager, Carlos Corber├ín, asserting that they share a great rapport at the club. Sarmiento conveyed his patience and optimism, believing that his best performance is still ahead of him.

Sarmiento has participated in ten matches for West Brom thus far, primarily featuring in the second half of games. The club has yet to confirm the exact timeline for his full recovery and return to the team.

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