Queens Park Rangers (QPR) have identified a possible replacement for Gareth Ainsworth.

This opinion piece by FLW discusses the potential replacement for Gareth Ainsworth at Queens Park Rangers (QPR). The club had a rough start to the season, and doubts surround their ability to maintain their Championship status, much like the previous season under Ainsworth’s management. As of now, with 11 matches played, they have only secured two victories and find themselves in the 22nd position in the league standings. This has raised concerns and placed considerable pressure on Gareth Ainsworth.

However, one name that has emerged as a potential replacement is Michael Beale. Beale previously managed QPR but left to join Rangers, where he was recently dismissed from his position. Despite their prior history, reports suggest that Beale is open to returning to Loftus Road if the opportunity arises.

The brains behind Rangers revival: Michael Beale has found bliss as  right-hand man to Steven Gerrard | Daily Mail Online

Nonetheless, there are strong arguments against this reunion. The primary concern is the fans’ reaction. Given the club’s struggles and the abrupt manner in which Beale departed in the past, even considering him for the position, let alone hiring him, could trigger a significant backlash. Beale had previously emphasized integrity and loyalty when rejecting an offer from Wolves but left QPR for Rangers just a month later, which left a bitter taste among QPR supporters. Moreover, his track record of quickly changing clubs when better opportunities arise raises concerns that he might not stay committed to QPR in the long run, despite his past relative success during his previous tenure.

In summary, while Michael Beale might express interest in returning to QPR as a manager, there are compelling reasons to avoid such a reunion, considering the club’s current circumstances and the fans’ sentiments regarding his previous departure.

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