Call to step forward to champion Luton and promote the town in a positive light

Step Forward Luton is calling upon the community to come together and support Luton in a positive manner. The organization is hosting its inaugural event, offering a chance for people to engage with Step Forward Luton’s representatives and even apply to become ambassadors themselves, taking a leading role in promoting Luton in a positive light. You can also contribute to the Step Forward Luton cause by becoming a champion and discovering ways to advocate for the town.

Kevin Poulton, a Step Forward Luton ambassador, expressed that Luton has suffered from unjust misconceptions for far too long. Step Forward Luton aims to challenge these negative perceptions and demonstrate that Luton has many commendable qualities. Following a successful launch, the organization is enthusiastic about welcoming more community members to join their cause. The greater the number of individuals who unite to celebrate Luton and highlight its distinctive features, the more significant the impact they can make.

Wodonga mayor Kevin Poulton gives Hyphen name tick of approval on his own  radio show | The Border Mail | Wodonga, VIC

Ambassador Hannan Ali emphasized that there has never been a more opportune time to showcase Luton, especially in light of the recent attention on the town due to Luton Town Football Club’s promotion to the Premier League. Hannan encouraged the community to unite and exhibit what Luton truly represents to the world. By working together, they can create a lasting impact and shape a vibrant future for everyone in Luton.

The Step Forward Luton Network event will take place on November 1 at The Luton Sixth Form College, and free tickets for the event are now available.

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