George Hirst shares the common desire of most strikers, which is to score as many goals as possible

George Hirst shares the common desire of most strikers, which is to score as many goals as possible. However, since he joined the team, he acknowledges that he has gained a fresh perspective on his role under the guidance of manager Kieran McKenna.

In the past, before his time with the current team, Hirst used to think that if he wasn’t scoring, it meant he wasn’t performing well. But in recent months, after several discussions with the coach, he has come to realize that his value to the team extends beyond goal-scoring. He now understands that he can contribute to the team in various other ways, such as through his work rate, positioning, and overall performance.

Ipswich Town: George Hirst on loan hopes and Leicester City future | East  Anglian Daily Times

Like any striker, Hirst still has a strong desire to score goals, even on days when his overall performance might not be at its best. However, he has learned that his role in the team involves more than just finding the back of the net. It’s about fulfilling the responsibilities required for a specific match, which might involve creating goal-scoring opportunities for others, making runs, and contributing in different aspects of the game.

Hirst emphasizes that goals remain a crucial part of his role, and he would never downplay their significance. He wishes to score more goals, but he also values the team’s success, which is currently second in the league and playing excellent football. As long as the team keeps performing well, he’s content with his goal tally.

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While Hirst has scored two league goals this season, he recognizes that his manager, McKenna, places importance on his overall contribution to the team, not just his scoring record. Hirst points out two instances in which he was involved in goal-scoring plays – one goal he scored himself and another where he provided an assist. He takes pride in his ability to make an impact in different ways, reflecting his role as a striker who can be physical, strong, and effective in different aspects of the game.

Hirst has previous experience playing in the Championship during loan spells with Blackburn and Rotherham. Still, he believes that the current Ipswich squad is the best he’s been a part of in the Championship. He appreciates the depth and competition for places in the team, as it keeps everyone focused and competitive. The squad’s strong work ethic and healthy competition contribute to the team’s success.

Ipswich Town: Leicester City loanee George Hirst on his future | East  Anglian Daily Times

He also mentions the influence of his father, former Sheffield Wednesday and England striker David Hirst, who provides valuable advice and feedback on his games. He acknowledges that his father’s guidance, based on his own experiences in the game, has been instrumental in his development as a player.

In summary, George Hirst has learned to appreciate the broader aspects of his role as a striker, beyond just scoring goals, under the guidance of manager Kieran McKenna. He values his contributions to the team in various ways and believes in the strength and depth of the Ipswich squad in the Championship. Additionally, he benefits from his father’s valuable insights and advice on his performance.

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