In a humorous revelation former Newcastle United and England footballer Alan Shearer revealed why he almost fought Diego Simeone

In a humorous revelation, former Newcastle United and England footballer Alan Shearer disclosed that he came close to discarding Diego Simeone’s jersey from the infamous encounter with Argentina in 1998.

This memorable match is best known for David Beckham’s early second-half dismissal when the score was level at 2-2. Interestingly, Shearer netted England’s first goal in the round of 16 clash against the South American team.

In typical English fashion, they eventually lost in a penalty shootout, with many holding Beckham responsible for the defeat.

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However, what’s less known to fans is that Shearer managed to obtain Simeone’s shirt from the game and chose to keep it. During a recent episode of The Rest is Football podcast, Shearer shared with Gary Lineker and Micah Richards that he almost disposed of this iconic shirt.

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The former Newcastle United and England star humorously revealed that he almost tossed away Diego Simeone’s shirt, instructing his son to “throw it in the skip.”

Shearer, who scored 30 goals in 63 national team appearances, admitted he was frustrated and initially wanted his son to get rid of the jersey. He said, “I said, ‘I’m just going to chuck them’ because I was frustrated, ‘just chuck them in a skip, I don’t want them.’ But he said, ‘you can’t chuck them out, Dad!'”

His son went through the collection of old jerseys, and Simeone’s top was among them. Shearer now jokingly suggests that, given the current market for such memorabilia, his son might be “sitting on a goldmine.”

“In the current climate,” Shearer mused, “he’s probably sitting on an absolute fortune, the way jerseys are selling nowadays. I might ask for it back from him now!”

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