What Reading’s manager, Ruben Selles said to the new club owner

Reading’s manager, Ruben Selles, has disclosed that he has engaged with multiple potential buyers for the football club, including the controversial businessman William Storey. Recent reports in the Telegraph suggested that Storey, a former Formula One sponsor who previously attempted to acquire Sunderland and Coventry City, was in discussions about a £50 million purchase of the club and had a meeting with the Spanish manager.

However, the club has refuted these reports, asserting that no single party has finalized a deal, and that “several parties have approached the club.” When questioned about his interactions with potential new owners, Selles confirmed that he had indeed met with Mr. Storey.

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Selles explained, “As far as I’m aware, the latest information I have is what the club communicated last Thursday. Over the past few weeks, I’ve met with some of the potential buyers and shared our on-field objectives. To the best of my knowledge, the process is ongoing, and I don’t have any additional information to provide. I met with these individuals to discuss my vision for the team. Whether it’s favorable or unfavorable, it’s not my place to judge. Typically, people looking to buy a club are business-oriented and have a track record of success. They wouldn’t make such a significant investment without a thorough understanding of what they’re getting into. It’s clear that they want all the details.”

Regarding the meeting with Storey, Selles stated, “We did meet him, and we had a constructive conversation in which he posed questions. My personal impression is not particularly relevant. Whether it’s William Storey or someone else, my primary concern is what’s in the best interest of the club and its staff, in order to establish some stability.”

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