‘No time’: Sean Longstaff puts out brilliant post on X after scoring against Crystal Palace

Newcastle United midfielder Sean Longstaff seems to have been keeping a close eye on online happenings this week.

For those who have been following the NUFC hashtag on X, you might have come across ‘Big Frank Chippa,’ an account known for sharing fabricated football-related stories, primarily focused on Newcastle. The account employs various disguises in an attempt to deceive the footballing community.

These fictional stories are often quite easy to spot, but occasionally, they are craftily executed and are taken seriously by some.

No reason why Newcastle can't go and give it a real good go' - Sean  Longstaff - BBC Sport

This week, ‘Big Frank Chippa’ hit the jackpot. He crafted a post suggesting that Sean Longstaff had requested a break in November to travel with his brother, Matty. As a result, this post quickly spread across X, with TikToks popping up featuring people astounded by the idea that Longstaff would take such a step. Even YouTuber Thogden mentioned it, fully convinced that Longstaff had indeed asked for a month off.

After scoring in a match against Crystal Palace, Sean Longstaff took to X to acknowledge the prank with a witty post. It’s clear that Longstaff was in on the joke. His post, accompanied by a photo of him in action during the game, conveyed the message: “No time for traveling when there are 3 points to be won at St. James’ Park. See you all back at home on Wednesday.”

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