Gary O’Neil says he is ‘a bit worried’ about what Wolves are missing

Gary O’Neil faced time constraints during the summer and was unable to properly rebuild Wolves, leading to concerns about his squad. Wolves brought in Gary O’Neil just days before their opening match against Old Trafford, resulting in an unfortunate 1-0 loss. However, with January approaching and some momentum building, O’Neil is now focused on potential acquisitions.

The Wolves manager has expressed his desire to bring in experienced players, as they lost a significant amount of experience during the summer. One of the experienced players they lost was Ruben Neves, and now they have a young midfield group, including players like Tommy Doyle, who O’Neil thinks highly of.

In an interview with Express and Star, O’Neil highlighted his concerns and outlined his primary needs for the Wolves. He pointed out that the squad lacks experience and emphasized the need for experienced signings to help shape the young team.

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After a victory over Bournemouth, O’Neil began to share his worries about squad depth, stating, “To be honest, I’m a bit concerned about our squad’s depth. Currently, we have a small squad, and we hope to address a few areas in January.” He continued by acknowledging the youth of the squad and the potential benefits of adding experienced players to guide their development.

O’Neil explained the significant turnover the team underwent in the summer, with around 40 players in and out. This resulted in the loss of a substantial amount of experience. He highlighted that the two central midfielders in the recent match were only 21 and 22 years old, with limited Premier League experience, indicating the need for assistance in the squad’s progression.

Despite managing the transition well so far, O’Neil recognized that there might be tough moments ahead in the Premier League season. He expressed the need to remain grounded and prepared for challenging situations while being pleased with the 11 points they had earned.

Regarding potential signings, if Wolves are seeking experienced midfielders in January, they have several options. Raphael Veiga has been linked to the club, with reports suggesting that a deal for January is already in the works. Alternatively, they could explore options within the Premier League, although fans might find such signings underwhelming. Given the limited experienced players in their midfield, Wolves may be forced to make a move for an experienced addition in that area.

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