Everton faces the possibility of a significant 12 points deduction in the Premier League,

Everton faces the possibility of a significant points deduction in the Premier League, which could result in them dropping to the bottom of the league table with a negative five-point total. This potential penalty stems from alleged financial rule violations, with the Premier League suggesting a deduction of up to 12 points for Everton. According to The Daily Telegraph, the league has urged an independent commission overseeing the charges against the Merseyside club to impose a severe punishment.

If a 12-point deduction were to be imposed, Everton’s season standing would be at minus-five points. Both the club and the Premier League have refrained from commenting on this report. Everton vehemently disputes the allegations of financial rule non-compliance and expresses full confidence in its adherence to all financial regulations, supported by an independent team of experts. Their statement in March 2023 emphasized their commitment to defending their position before the commission.

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The Premier League initiated the referral of Everton to the commission in March due to alleged breaches of its profitability and sustainability (P&S) rules, covering the period until the 2021-22 season. These rules permit clubs to incur a maximum loss of £105 million over a three-year period, or else they face sanctions.

Everton, upon confirmation of the referral, stated their strong objection to the allegations of non-compliance and their unwavering belief in their adherence to financial rules and regulations. The club emphasized its willingness to vigorously defend its position, underscoring their history of providing information to the Premier League transparently and in good faith over several years.

Notably, Everton has reported annual financial losses for five consecutive years, amounting to more than £430 million in total over this period. Additionally, the club is currently the subject of a takeover bid by American private investment firm 777 Partners, which recently denied reports suggesting a delay in the bid process due to issues related to information provision to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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