Kevin Keegan’s spine-tingling message to Eddie Howe – A must-read ahead of Dortmund clash

On Monday evening, an event took place in which Eddie Howe and Kevin Keegan met for the first time. This meeting occurred on stage at the Tyne Theatre and marked the launch of a new book titled ‘Here to Compete’ by Pete Graves. Craig Hope, a writer for The Mail, shared some impactful quotes from the evening, where the two Newcastle legends, Howe and Keegan, had a significant encounter.

Keegan’s words during the event were moving, heartfelt, and truly impressive as he spoke openly and candidly to Howe while sharing the stage with him. Keegan praised Howe’s impact and the life-changing decision he made in taking the job as the manager of Newcastle. He also recalled a phone call he received from the 45-year-old Howe shortly after his arrival in Tyneside.

Eddie Howe's mindset over Newcastle goals speaks volumes after Kevin Keegan  meeting - Mirror Online

Keegan expressed his admiration, saying, “I’m watching from a distance and just thinking, ‘Wow.’ I understand what it’s like in this city, I know what you’re going through. But if you continue on this path, your life will never be the same again.” He commended Eddie for his deep understanding of the club, likening it to Keegan feeling like he has his “dad’s club” back and experiencing a new lease of life. He assured everyone that the club was in capable hands because Eddie truly comprehends what Newcastle United stands for.

Faith healer' Eddie Howe makes Newcastle United dream again - and forms  unbreakable Tyneside bond

Offering advice to Eddie, Keegan emphasized the importance of being honest and transparent with the fans, something that hasn’t always been the case at the club in the past. He reminisced about challenging times in the club’s history, like the sale of Andy Cole to Manchester United in 1995, and advised against selling the best player and facing the fans’ wrath.

Eddie Howe plans further Kevin Keegan talks as Newcastle boss opens up  about phone conversation - Chronicle Live

Keegan also highlighted the potential for success at the club, noting that it hasn’t won anything significant in a long time, and the opportunity is now there for the taking. He praised Eddie’s work, stating, “you’re doing a fantastic job so far.”

He recalled the era of “The Entertainers,” when the team’s exciting style of play lifted the spirits of the entire city, emphasizing that such a connection between the team and its fans is unique to places like Newcastle.

In a final heartfelt sentiment, Keegan expressed his current role as a supporter and his strong desire to see Newcastle win something. He acknowledged the challenges but commended Eddie for taking the right steps to bring success to the club.

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