Reading head coach mention Five Things From A Deflating Defeat To Fleetwood Town

Deflation in the world of football has reached a new low for Reading, leaving fans disheartened. The team’s recent performance against Fleetwood Town was a bitter disappointment, and it’s becoming difficult to justify any faith in the players. Expectations for coping in League One seem far-fetched now.

The outcome of the match was justified; a draw would have been fortunate, and a win would have masked the glaring issues within the team and their performance.

Many, including myself, had given Ruben Selles enough chances, but his choices, tactics, and strategies leave much to be desired. His decisions appear questionable – players out of position, inexplicable changes, random selections that backfire, and a reluctance to utilize certain players despite their abilities. Selles seems lost in his commitment to the 4-2-2-2 formation, causing confusion among the players who lack confidence in it.

Opponents in League One easily exploit our playing style, which is not surprising. It’s unfair to ask a hastily assembled team to excel in a formation they’ve never played in before. Defense is disjointed, midfield is overrun, and the attacking “magical 10s” add little value.

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Upfront, we witness aimless long balls and a lack of runners. The service to forwards is lacking, and Lewis Wing’s crosses into the box are frustrating. Selles’ stubborn adherence to this system is drawing intense criticism, and it’s evident that it doesn’t work. Fans are tired of seeing the same issues repeatedly, without any managerial adjustments.

These players are already under immense pressure, so subjecting them to an unfamiliar and unrewarding system is counterproductive. Football thrives on confidence, and without a manager who can instill belief in the players, poor results are inevitable. Reading now languishes in the relegation zone, and Selles is under significant pressure to either change his approach or face potential removal.

However, the circumstances are far from normal, as there’s no clear authority to make this decision. The CEO and owner seem distant, leaving the future uncertain. With an upcoming match against the unbeaten league leaders, Portsmouth, the outlook for Reading FC is bleak, and fans can only hope for a turnaround.

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