Do Ravens fans need more convincing than Sunday before they’re confident in the teams’ direction?

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In their recent game against the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens delivered a resounding victory, which has prompted discussions about their potential as Super Bowl contenders. A commanding 32-point triumph against a top-5 opponent can certainly generate such buzz.

With this in mind, Baltimore Beatdown turns to you, the fans, with a straightforward question: Do you believe that the Ravens are on the right path?

For those answering “Yes,” the Ravens stand out as one of the NFL’s elite teams. They boast a top-tier defense, currently holding the No. 1 ranking by DVOA. Additionally, their offense features a star-studded lineup, including a quarterback who is a strong contender for the MVP title. This impressive roster is guided by a quartet of capable coaches, led by Head Coach John Harbaugh, with three coordinators who are likely to attract head coaching opportunities in the near future.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

On the other hand, those who answer “No” may have some reservations about the Ravens. It’s worth noting that on two occasions this season when they secured emotionally charged victories, one against the Cincinnati Bengals and the other against the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens subsequently underperformed. They suffered a surprising loss to the Indianapolis Colts, who were playing with a backup quarterback, and had a close call with the struggling Pittsburgh Steelers. These instances may lead some to question their confidence in the team and hope for more consistent performances.

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