Who might Rams add at quarterback? Jets’ defense a test for Chargers

The Rams had a tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys, where they struggled on offense, defense, and special teams, resulting in a 43-20 defeat. On the other hand, the Chargers secured a 30-13 victory against the Chicago Bears, scoring on their first five possessions. In a post-game discussion with Los Angeles Times writers Gary Klein and Jeff Miller, as well as NFL columnist Sam Farmer, they discussed the Rams’ trade prospects, the status of rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett, the struggles in the Rams’ passing game, and the Chargers’ recent performance.

Regarding potential trades for the Rams, with a 3-5 record, they seem more likely to trade than acquire players. However, it’s uncertain if they have anyone to offer for future prospects besides Aaron Donald, which is unlikely. The severity of Matthew Stafford’s thumb injury also plays a role in trade decisions.

Rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett’s status remains uncertain, and it’s unlikely he’ll return this season. The Rams will need to sign another quarterback due to Stafford’s injury, with Brett Rypien likely to start against the Packers.

The Rams’ passing game has had its ups and downs, with Cooper Kupp returning from injury. However, recent games against strong pass-rushing teams like the Steelers and Cowboys have posed challenges.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford wears a bandage on his throwing hand to protect the thumb he injured against Dallas.

As for the upcoming game against the Packers, the Rams could potentially win on the road even if Stafford is sidelined, as the Packers have struggled recently. However, it won’t be an easy task.

Regarding the Chargers, their impressive performance against the Chicago Bears may not be indicative of their future success. The real test will come in their upcoming games against the New York Jets and Detroit Lions.

Rookie Quentin Johnston made an impact in the Chargers’ recent game, and it seems the team is making an effort to involve him more. However, there is room for improvement.

The Chargers’ running game, led by Austin Ekeler, hasn’t been very effective, but they should continue to run the ball to maintain a balanced offense, especially for long-term success.

When facing the New York Jets, the Chargers should be more concerned about their offense trying to score against the Jets’ strong defense, as the Jets have limited opponents to low scores in recent games.

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