burnley key player has insisted that he needs no time off and he is ready to play in every match, including tonight’s cup game.

Burnley’s goalkeeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell, currently on loan at AGF Aarhus in Denmark, has emphasized his readiness to participate in every match, including the upcoming cup game.

The Northern Irish goalkeeper has encountered difficulties in securing a consistent role with Burnley and has consequently been loaned out from Turf Moor. In the current season, he has embarked on a season-long loan with AGF, aiming to establish himself as their primary goalkeeper.

While acknowledging that the ultimate decision rests with the team’s manager regarding the goalkeeping position, Peacock-Farrell is prepared to step in whenever the team requires his services, even for the cup match against Ishoj IF tonight.

Expressing his personal desire, Peacock-Farrell conveyed to the Danish outlet Bold.dk, “Personally, I would prefer to be in goal for all matches.” He also speculated that his teammate Jesper Hansen might share a similar sentiment, highlighting his fitness and availability. However, he recognizes that the head coach has the authority to make the selection.

The 27-year-old aspires to participate in as many games as possible and emphasized that he doesn’t need any breaks from playing, despite the common practice of rotating goalkeepers in cup matches, stating, “In some instances, there may be variations in the choice of goalkeeper for league and cup matches. But, for me, maximizing playing time is of paramount importance. So, I’m always ready and don’t require any time off.”

Whether Peacock-Farrell will be granted the opportunity to play in the Danish Cup match tonight remains uncertain.

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