Important player announces his departure from Wolves after eight years, with Gary O’Neil hoping to add more firepower.

Conor Coady, after eight years with Wolves, decided not to return to the club during the past summer season. Instead, he made the choice to join Leicester City in a transfer worth £7.5 million in July. Following some deep contemplation, he was convinced that this was the right move for him.

Coady, who had previously spent the last season on loan at Everton, had a strong attachment to Wolves, having made 317 appearances for the team. However, he felt that the time had come for both himself and Wolves to part ways when Leicester City expressed interest.

While playing for Leicester during the pre-season, Coady sustained an injury that caused him to miss the beginning of the Championship campaign. Despite his limited appearances for his new club, he quickly became an integral part of their dressing room. Wolves will undoubtedly miss his qualities, but Coady believed that leaving the club was the correct decision.

Conor Coady: Wolves captain commits to club with new five-year deal |  Football News | Sky Sports

Coady explained his thought process, stating, “I had a lot to consider over the summer and didn’t feel it was appropriate to return there, not just for my own sake, but also for the club. I sensed that they were embarking on a new direction in their approach. They understood my perspective, and I will always have a strong connection with Wolves because I have a deep affection for the place. Eight years is a significant amount of time in football, and not many players spend that long at a single club. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come to Leicester, especially given the quality of the players they have.”

Coady’s departure from Wolves was met with mixed emotions from fans, and it marked a significant change in his football career.

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