Is Jalen Hurts bothered by a knee injury? Or just bothered by questions about whether he is bothered by a knee injury?

Title: “Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts Silent About Possible Knee Injury”

Is Jalen Hurts concealing a knee injury, or is he just annoyed by the constant questions surrounding it? The star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles sustained a knee injury a few weeks ago against the Miami Dolphins, resulting in him wearing a knee brace during the second half of the game. Despite the injury, he managed to lead his team to a decisive victory. He repeated this feat last week when the Eagles defeated the Washington Commanders, solidifying their lead in the NFC East with a 7-1 record.

However, as the Eagles prepare to face the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8, the question arises: Is Hurts still dealing with the knee injury? It’s evident that he would rather not discuss it.

Jalen Hurts has grown as a passer, and the Eagles are winning without  heavily relying on the run game

Earlier, Hurts requested that the media stop questioning him about his knee. But this week, he faced the media once again and found himself fielding questions about his injury. Notably, individuals being interviewed have several ways to handle inquiries they’d rather avoid, but demanding not to be asked is not one of them. “No comment” is always an option.

In this case, Hurts opted for a different approach: he smiled and walked away from the interview podium. Some speculate that his action was intended to signal that he is fully healthy. Additionally, the Eagles’ official injury list does not include him.

However, another possibility is that Hurts is playing through the injury and performing remarkably well. Despite having eight interceptions and two fumbles in the first eight games, he completed 29 of 38 passes for 319 yards and four touchdowns against the Commanders. He also carried the ball four times, showing that he’s still utilizing the “Tush Push” play in their playbook.

In the Dallas Cowboys camp, the main injury concern is Tyron Smith, who did not participate in Thursday’s practice. The team remains hopeful that he will be able to practice before their trip to Philadelphia on Sunday and play in the game.

As the Cowboys arrive in Philadelphia, there remains the question of whether Jalen Hurts is indeed dealing with an undisclosed injury that could impact the outcome of the game. Regardless, it is clear that Hurts prefers to keep any potential injury under wraps.

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