Sell Before We Dai, a Reading FC fan organization, reacts to the most recent EFL statements

Sell Before We Dai, a pressure group advocating for change at Reading FC, has responded to the recent statement from the English Football League (EFL). Nick Houlton, the spokesman for Sell Before We Dai, emphasized that their group has consistently placed blame on Dai Yongge and his advisors for the dire situation at Reading Football Club.

Houlton acknowledged that the EFL has a responsibility to enforce its rules and regulations, and the club has already faced points deductions and transfer embargoes, accepting the consequences of their actions. However, he raised concerns about the latest EFL statement, pointing out that the focus should be on holding an individual accountable rather than penalizing the football club as a whole.

Reading FC - Sell Before We Dai

Sell Before We Dai highlighted the ongoing worries within Reading FC, with backroom staff concerned about their salaries, fans uncertain about the club’s future, and players fearing that their on-field efforts are being undermined by incompetence in the boardroom. The group argued that Dai Yongge appears indifferent to these concerns and is likely to remain unscathed by the panel’s ruling, based on past disciplinary commissions’ outcomes.

While showing respect for the EFL’s position, Sell Before We Dai called for accountability regarding the EFL’s role in the wider issue of football ownership. They criticized the EFL’s lax regulations for allowing problematic individuals into the ownership structure and then punishing the club, akin to penalizing the chickens for being eaten by a fox. The group urged the Independent Disciplinary Commission to question the credibility of rules that primarily penalize those who bear the least responsibility.

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