A “concern” has been raised about the Sunderland star’s fitness as he takes time off from training.

Jobe Bellingham, the midfielder at Sunderland, is in need of some additional rest from his training schedule next week. Speaking to Chronicle Live, Tony Mowbray acknowledged that Bellingham is fatigued and was originally meant to be rested for one of the recent matches.

Bellingham, who joined Sunderland from Birmingham City in the summer, has swiftly established himself as one of the club’s standout players, featuring in every Championship game this season. Initially, there were plans to rotate the 18-year-old in and out of the squad, but he now faces the risk of burnout due to the heavy workload in a short span of time.

Jobe Bellingham set to follow brother Jude into England squad as pair look  to emulate the Charltons | The Sun

Mowbray is well aware of the need for Jobe to rest, with the initial intention being for him to sit out one of Sunderland’s recent matches. However, due to Adil Aouchiche’s injury, Bellingham continued to be relied upon.

Mowbray explained, “Some of the players who needed it received an extra day off this week. We know that some of them are heading for international duty, followed by a demanding festive period. Jobe, despite his youth, is a concern for us. Originally, the plan was to rest him for one game, and Adil Aouchiche was supposed to take his place, but Adil got injured, and Jobe was the best option for that game. He understands that he is fatigued.”

He continued, “The last international break was touch and go as to whether he should go. England wanted him to join, and he ended up playing two-and-a-half games. We were trying to rest him after that, but due to injuries, he had to keep going. At some point, he needs some extra time off, and he’ll get that next week.”

It’s evident that Jobe Bellingham is at risk of burnout, which has been affecting his recent performances. It is crucial to give him a break from the starting lineup in the upcoming games so that he can recharge. The team relies heavily on him, and his absence is felt when he’s not at his best.

As for Adil Aouchiche, it’s disappointing that he missed the chance to feature in the first team. Many believe that the Frenchman could have made a significant impact, especially against Norwich, and it would have been difficult to leave him out if he had the opportunity.

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