Burnley manager Vincent Kompany has told TNT Sports’ Sign Up about the positive influence his parents had on his life

Vincent Kompany, the manager of Burnley FC, has reflected on the positive influence his parents had on his life and how his natural leadership qualities could have led him down the wrong path while growing up in a troubled neighborhood in Belgium. The former Manchester City captain has also advocated for greater diversity in football’s boardrooms and leadership positions in society.

Kompany, who had a successful career in the Premier League as a player, is now in his first season as a manager in England’s top flight. His Burnley team excelled in the Championship, earning promotion, but they have faced challenges in the current Premier League season, currently sitting second from bottom after just one win in ten matches.

In the interview, Kompany credits his parents for instilling in him the right values and helping him make the right decisions in life. His father, Pierre, who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo and moved to Belgium, became the country’s first Black mayor. Kompany’s mother is described as a driven and passionate individual with strong convictions against injustice.

The Future Looks Bright At Burnley Under Vincent Kompany

Despite experiencing difficulties in his youth, including being thrown out of school and the national team, Kompany remained a positive and natural leader. He acknowledges that his upbringing could have led him down a negative path due to the challenges in his neighborhood.

While Kompany has no plans to enter politics, he is a vocal advocate for diversity in leadership positions, not just in football but across society. He has experienced racism in his life and believes that giving power to people from diverse backgrounds can have a positive impact.

Kompany emphasizes the need for diverse opinions in boardrooms and decisions that consider multiple perspectives rather than being polarized. He believes that greater diversity can lead to change and improvement in various aspects of life, not limited to football.

As for his own career and achievements, Kompany mentions that he’s now fully focused on his role as a manager and is not dwelling on his past glories as a player. He sees the transition to management as a natural progression and is determined to excel in this new role.

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