Jimmy Butler’s agent claps back at hater who says Charlotte Hornets would be winless if they had Miami Heat star

Bernie Lee, the agent of Jimmy Butler, defended his client against a claim on X that the Charlotte Hornets would have no wins this season if Butler were on the team. Lee responded to the suggestion, clarifying the situation. The interaction occurred as Lee questioned the characterization of LaMelo Ball as a “superstar” amidst the struggles of the Hornets, preceding their noteworthy victory against the Boston Celtics on Monday.

Lee’s perspective holds merit to some extent. A key aspect of being a superstar-level player involves contributing to a team’s success, an area where 22-year-old Ball has faced challenges despite impressive individual performances. The Hornets have not made the playoffs during Ball’s tenure, consistently finishing no higher than 10th in the Eastern Conference.

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In contrast, Butler has been a consistent force in achieving team success throughout his career. Since joining the Miami Heat in 2019, the team reached the NBA Finals twice, with Butler playing a significant role in both instances. With 119 playoff games across four different franchises, Butler is poised to contribute further to that tally.

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Acknowledging that Ball is not solely responsible for Charlotte’s struggles, just as Butler isn’t the sole reason for Miami’s success, the article emphasizes the need for the Hornets to enhance their roster around Ball to unlock both team and player potential.

The suggestion is made that a respected veteran with extensive postseason experience, such as Butler, would be an ideal addition to Charlotte’s predominantly young and inexperienced roster. While the prospect of having Ball and Butler on the same team would be intriguing, the article notes that such a scenario seems unlikely in the near future. However, the piece speculates that if Butler were part of the Hornets, the team’s win-loss record would likely be different, given Butler’s history of success.

In terms of the current standings, Charlotte is 4-9 for the season, while Miami boasts a record of 9-5.

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