Why Dan Carter believes ‘world-class’ Scott Robertson can ‘change’ the All Blacks

Dan Carter, the iconic All Blacks figure, has expressed confidence in Scott Robertson’s capabilities as the new head coach for New Zealand. Robertson, who takes over from Ian Foster after the recent Rugby World Cup final, is renowned for his coaching prowess, particularly in establishing a dominant era with the Crusaders since his arrival in 2017. Carter, having played alongside Robertson for the Crusaders, attests to Robertson’s excellence, emphasizing that he transcends the role of a mere club coach and stands as a world-class leader. Carter anticipates Robertson’s positive impact on the All Blacks, citing the coach’s unique perspective, passion, and ability to extract the best from his players.

Footy Players: Matt Todd and Dan Carter of the All Blacks | All blacks, Dan  carter, All blacks rugby

Reflecting on the importance of the coaching staff, Carter draws attention to the transformative impact of individuals like Joe Schmidt and Jason Ryan, who joined the team midway through 2022. Their contributions played a significant role in New Zealand’s improved performance, leading them to the final of the global tournament. Carter acknowledges the changes Robertson may bring, highlighting the coach’s distinct approach to the game and his adeptness at fostering player excellence. Overall, Carter is excited about Robertson’s coaching journey, emphasizing the significance of the strong team surrounding him as he steps into the elevated role with the All Blacks.

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