Former Red Bull driver shares the secrets of Verstappen’s unique driving style

Former Red Bull driver Alex Albon has provided insights into his experience as Max Verstappen’s teammate, highlighting the unique driving style that sets the reigning triple world champion apart. Albon spent one-and-a-half seasons alongside Verstappen before being demoted to a reserve driver role for 2021.

Speaking on the High Performance Podcast, Albon discussed the challenges of matching Verstappen’s driving style. He noted that Verstappen prefers a sharp and direct car, describing it as “eye-wateringly sharp.” Albon compared it to playing a computer game with maximum sensitivity, where the slightest input results in rapid and unpredictable movements.

As the season progressed, Albon explained that Verstappen’s desire for a sharper car created a challenging situation for his teammate. The constant push for more sharpness meant that to catch up, Albon had to take more risks. However, this led to mistakes, loss of confidence, and a snowball effect where the gap between the two drivers continued to widen.

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Albon emphasized the importance of being in a flow state and having confidence in the car. When a driver loses that flow and has to overthink every move, it becomes counterproductive. Despite the difficulties during his time at Red Bull, Albon has since revived his career at Williams, contributing to the team’s seventh-place finish in the constructors’ standings for the current season.

Meanwhile, Verstappen has gone on to secure three consecutive F1 world titles, dominating the 2022 and 2023 seasons after narrowly beating Lewis Hamilton in 2021. The contrasting trajectories of the two drivers highlight the challenges of adapting to the specific demands of a teammate’s driving style in Formula 1.

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