Philippe Clement admits there’s 4 aspect of life at Rangers he does not vibe with

While Philippe Clement is relishing his time as the Rangers manager, he openly admits to not aligning with the tradition of wearing a matchday suit, a customary expectation for the role. Despite excelling in the blue suit, symbolizing his successful tenure with the club, the former Club Brugge and AS Monaco boss reveals in an interview with Belgian outlet Nieuwsblad that this particular tradition isn’t something he looks forward to adopting.

Clement praises the intense loyalty of the Rangers supporters, describing the passionate fanbase as unique and dedicated. He acknowledges the fervor of fans who gather hours before and after matches, even enduring various weather conditions. With away games attracting 8,000 supporters on trips, Clement notes the exceptional atmosphere in the stadium, particularly emphasizing the iconic Ibrox as a genuine football stadium with an impressive preservation of tradition.

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Reflecting on the club’s history and the continuity of certain practices, such as the old manager’s desk adorned with photos of all the club’s managers, Clement appreciates the longevity and heritage of Rangers. However, he expresses reluctance toward the tradition of coaching in a club suit during matches, highlighting that it’s not something he looks forward to but understands and respects it as part of the club’s history.

Despite his reservations about the attire, Clement has embraced and delivered on the essential Rangers standard—winning. He acknowledges the weight of expectations on his shoulders but recognizes the importance of upholding the club’s high standards and leadership. The interview draws parallels with Sir Alex Ferguson’s acknowledgment of Rangers’ role in shaping his career by instilling standards. While the suit may seem like a minor detail, it symbolizes a broader influence on the ethos and traditions that contribute to the success of the club. Clement’s initial reluctance may wane over time, much like Steven Gerrard’s adjustment to the tradition.

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