Charlton Athletic’s technical director, Andy Scott, has revealed the massage club owners sent to Michael Appleton

Andy Scott: Charlton Athletic owners ready to invest in January transfer window to boost play-off prospects

Charlton Athletic’s technical director, Andy Scott, has revealed that the club’s owners, SE7 Partners, are prepared to invest in the January transfer window to enhance their chances of reaching the League One play-offs. The American backers of SE7 Partners, Gabriel Brener and Joshua Friedman, are committed to supporting the club’s ambitions.

Scott emphasizes the preference for permanent signings over loans and states that funds are available to improve the starting eleven and make squad changes. The aim is to bring in better quality, leadership, and experience to ensure the team can handle the challenges in League One.

Acknowledging the difficulty of the January window, Scott highlights the need to be cautious about the financial situation and adhere to regulations. He mentions that a plan has been outlined, and the owners are fully supportive of it. The key is to spend wisely and make changes that benefit the team not just for the current season but for the future.

Scott faces challenges inherited from previous wage commitments but mentions that players like Charlie Kirk, whose contract was terminated, are being managed. He acknowledges the need for improvement in Charlton’s transfer windows, as emphasized by head coach Michael Appleton.

Scott defends the club’s past successes in the transfer market, citing the ability to move players like Eoghan O’Connell and Jayden Stockley in the last January window, allowing for successful acquisitions later. He acknowledges the need for better recruitment and mentions changes in the recruitment process to enhance due diligence and increase the chances of successful signings.

Despite challenges, Scott is optimistic about building a competitive squad. He highlights the success of striker Alfie May, who won’t be moving in the transfer window, as the owners aim to guide Charlton Athletic into the top half of the Championship. The vision is for the club to be cohesive, community-driven, and competing at an elite level across all teams. May, a key contributor, is integral to this vision, and the club is focused on retaining its best players.

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