Browns QB Deshaun Watson Sends Clear Message to the fans about

Deshaun Watson’s recovery progress has met expectations, and the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback anticipates returning to the field at the beginning of the upcoming season. Watson, who underwent surgery and rehabilitation in Los Angeles after sustaining a season-ending shoulder injury on November 12 against the Baltimore Ravens, recently returned to Cleveland. The surgery aimed to address a displaced fracture to the glenoid in Watson’s right shoulder, with the team expressing confidence in a full recovery before the commencement of the 2024 season.

While Watson reported that his rehabilitation is proceeding as planned, he refrained from specifying a timeline for resuming throwing activities. He emphasized his commitment to following medical advice, stating, “It’s all in the doctor’s hands. Whenever they tell me that I can get out the sling, I’ll be out [there]. Until then, I’m just going to follow every rule and every precaution they want me to follow.”

This injury marked Watson’s second shoulder setback of the season, with a previous absence during a four-game stretch. The team clarified that the two shoulder injuries were unrelated.

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Expressing his difficulty in being away from the team, Watson conveyed his ongoing support for the Browns despite his absence, mentioning his excitement to witness the team’s success. He acknowledged the challenges of dealing with injuries in football but affirmed his dedication to supporting his teammates.

Watson, in a rare public message, tweeted support for the Browns during their recent victory against the Houston Texans, specifically praising quarterback Joe Flacco and Amari Cooper for their outstanding performance.

Despite Flacco’s notable success as the starting quarterback in Watson’s absence, the Browns remain committed to Watson as their starter through the 2026 season, thanks to a substantial $230 million fully guaranteed deal signed in 2022. The team remains optimistic about Watson overcoming his injury and fulfilling the Pro Bowl potential envisioned when acquiring him.

While Flacco’s strong performances have sparked discussions about Watson’s future, the Browns have affirmed their commitment to Watson. The focus is on Watson’s return, and Flacco, despite his positive contributions, is viewed as a temporary solution given his age. The Browns face the possibility of securing a playoff spot against the New York Jets, with Flacco expected to continue leading the team in Watson’s absence.

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