Mike Vrabel has vulgar response to reporter’s question about season finale

Mike Vrabel has vulgar response to reporter’s question about season finale

The Tennessee Titans are determined to conclude a challenging season positively in Week 18, with head coach Mike Vrabel staunchly rejecting any talk of tanking. Despite the possibility of a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars resulting in a lower draft position for some Titans fans, Vrabel emphasized on Tuesday that closing out the season with a victory is crucial “for a lot of reasons.” When pressed by Gentry Estes of The Tennesseean for further explanation, Vrabel responded with a candid expression of his disdain for losing.

Vrabel conveyed, “Because it sucks to lose, Gentry. Did you have another thought? I’m just curious. It f—ing sucks, losing. Awful. That’s why I want to win. Because you don’t sleep; you want to win for players who bust their tail.” Despite his usually composed demeanor, Vrabel elaborated on the significance of being in a competitive situation, regardless of the team’s record, and apologized for his use of explicit language.


The article highlights the prevalent sentiment that tanking is a strategy employed by front offices, not coaches and players, as their primary responsibility is to secure victories. With the Titans standing at 5-11 and eliminated from playoff contention for the second consecutive season, Vrabel’s frustration is evident. Recent reports have even raised questions about his future in Tennessee. While Vrabel may be anticipating the season’s conclusion, he undoubtedly prefers it to end on a positive note with a victory.

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