BREAKING NEWS : Tampa Bay Buccaneers has renew key player contract $40 Million to $45 Million deal

The opinion is that Baker Mayfield, whose contract ends after this season, made a fortune during the regular season and an even bigger bag after a strong Monday performance in the playoffs.

But how much money will Mayfield command, and how much would Monday’s victory increase his upcoming contract demands?

Richard Sherman, an astute Amazon NFL commentator and former Bucs, 49ers, and Seahawks cornerback, stated on his podcast this week that Mayfield will earn at least $40 million per year, and maybe up to $45 million.

It sounds outrageous, but it’s not considering won-nothing, done-little quarterback Daniel Jones of the Giants signed a four-year, $160 million deal with more than half that cash guaranteed. The Jones money is very similar to what Saints QB Derek Carr got in free agency last March.

Has Baker Mayfield done enough to deserve a new contract with Bucs?

The quarterback Baker Mayfield just outplayed, Jalen Hurts, earns $50 million annually.

At 28 years old, Mayfield is sure to demand a fat deal. He’s in his prime and should stay there for at least three more seasons. He turns 29 in April.

Baker Mayfield Gets Massive Pay Day if Buccaneers Win NFC South - Tampa Bay  Buccaneers | BucsGameday | Sports Illustrated

Might the Bucs slap the franchise tag on Mayfield for 2024? Joe would consider it. It would be in the neighborhood of $35 million for the one-year deal. Remember, a player can always be tagged and the parties can continue negotiating a multiyear contract.

Joe can’t stop wondering whether the Falcons will contact Mayfield’s agent behind the scenes.

They could use him, and Atlanta has plenty to offer in terms of weapons and a running game. Furthermore, Atlanta would have to consider how raising Mayfield’s price for the Bucs could harm Tampa Bay.

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