JUST IN : Iowa Haweyes fantastic star send a massage to fan after a upset loss

January 22 (UPI) — Caitlin Clark, a college basketball standout, is fine after saying she was “absolutely just hammered” by a fan who ran onto the court as the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrated an upset victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The crash occurred on Sunday at Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Clark scored a season-high 45 points, including seven 3-pointers, in the 100-92 overtime loss.
“I think I’m fine,” Clark assured reporters at her postgame press conference. “Great environment, and these are the games we enjoy playing, with 18,000 people here. I noticed they were storming the court, which was fine.

“I was simply trying to flee the court as quickly as possible, so I started sprinting, and I was completely pummeled.

Someone attempting to run onto the court, essentially blindsided.”
Clark missed a three-pointer right before the final buzzer. She then dashed for the tunnel on her way to the dressing room. Buckeyes fans fled their seats and surged onto the court at the same time.

Iowa's Caitlin Clark Has Classy Reaction After Getting Knocked Down by Ohio  State Fan - Sports Illustrated

One spectator sprinted toward half court with her phone above her head, not recognizing Clark as she exited to the left. She then smashed into the Hawkeyes star, knocking them both to the ground.

Several people helped Clark before she fled the location.

“It was kind of scary,” Clark remarked. “It could have seriously injured me.” It knocked the wind out of me, but fortunately, my teammates lifted me up and helped me off the court.

“Their athletic director has already apologized to me, which I greatly appreciate. This is what comes with the territory. I’m sure they tried everything they could.

College Basketball's Caitlin Clark Economy - WSJ

“Obviously, it didn’t work and that’s disappointing, but I’m just focused on the game and ways we can get better.”

Buckeyes coach Kevin McGuff began his news conference by apologizing to Clark and the Hawkeyes. He claimed the Buckeyes “had security in place, but the student apparently beat the security.” Hawkeyes coach Lisa Bluder expressed disappointment with her players’ post-game protection.
“It’s unfortunate that the game ended that way and Caitlin gets taken out on the floor and gets some inappropriate words yelled at her by fans and students,” Bluder said in a statement. “That shouldn’t happen. This should not happen. Our players should be safe. They should be able to walk off the floor. That’s quite disappointing.

NCAA women's basketball player of the year: Caitlin Clark vs. the field

“I think Ohio State [has] a great team and a great environment, but I’m obviously disappointed with the postgame, with our players getting injured while attempting to walk out of the gym.” “That’s incorrect.”

The Buckeyes shot 48.5% to the Hawkeyes’ 46.2%. They also made 50% (11 of 22) of their 3-point shots, compared to the Hawkeyes’ 35.7% (10 of 28) from downtown.

The Buckeyes’ Cotie McMahon scored 33 points and had 12 rebounds. Jacy Sheldon scored 24 points in the win.

The No. 18 Buckeyes (16-3) will play the Illinois Fighting Illini (8-9) at 7 p.m. EST on Thursday in Champaign, Illinois. The No. 2 Hawkeyes (18-3) will face the Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-7) at 2 p.m. on Saturday in Iowa City.

With her 45 points. Clark is now just 42 points behind former Missouri State guard Jackie Stiles (3,393) for third place on the women’s basketball all-time scoring chart. Kelsey Plum, a former Washington guard, leads the list with 3,527 points. Kelsey Mitchell, a former Buckeyes guard, ranks second with 3,402 points.

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