BREAKING NEWS : Friends, family perplexed after Kansas City Chiefs fans found frozen to death

Friends and relatives are searching for answers after three friends’ frozen bodies were discovered in the backyard of another friend’s house two days after they gathered to watch a Kansas City Chiefs football game.
According to Fox News Digital, a homeowner in Kansas City, Missouri, claimed to have “no knowledge” of the tragedy that occurred in his garden earlier this month.
The Kansas City Police Department says no foul play is suspected in the deaths of Ricky Johnson, 38, Clayton McGeeney, 36, and David Harrington, 37.

Friends and family of the three guys said they had gathered at a friend’s house to watch the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers on the night of January 7.
At 9:51 p.m. on Jan. 9, the Kansas City Police Department discovered the dead of three men. One was located on the back porch of the home on the 5200 block of NW 83rd Terrace, and the other two were found in the rear. All three appeared to have frozen to death.

3 Kansas City Chiefs fans frozen outside home of friend who had 'no  knowledge' of deaths

“First and foremost, this case is 100% not being investigated as a homicide,” Kansas City Police Department Capt. Jake Becchina told Fox News Digital.

“There have been no arrests or charges, and no one is in custody. Currently, there are no specific threats or concerns for the neighboring community. The resident of the residence cooperated with detectives on the day the corpses were located.
It is unclear if drink or drugs were involved. Becchina stated that toxicology reports should be available in the following weeks.

Family and friends have voiced their concerns on social media.

“This man was inside his home alive while my friends were dead in his yard for lord knows how long,” Kaylee La Tier posted on Facebook earlier this month. “They’d been hanging together since after the game Sunday. He knew others were looking for them. He read messages from individuals looking for him on Tuesday.”

The homeowner’s counsel stated that his client was unaware that his pals had died until police arrived at his door.

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