‘Equally demanding’: Vincent Kompany discusses different types of pressure at Burnley amid job security

Vincent Kompany insists that despite his job security at Burnley, he feels no less pressure.
The Clarets’ return to the top division has been challenging, with the squad presently in 19th place in the table and five points from safety.

Burnley’s situation doesn’t get any easier, either, with a difficult trip to reigning champions Manchester City next week.

Despite the club’s difficulties, Kompany’s employment is believed to be secure since faith in the long-term project remains strong. There is also an internal understanding at Gawthorpe that it will always take time for a new club to adjust to the demands of the Premier League.
While job security may lead to complacency, Kompany believes this is unlikely at Turf Moor.

Equally demanding': Vincent Kompany discusses different types of pressure  at Burnley amid job security

“There is still pressure because you are demanding of yourself. “I’d be equally demanding regardless of the scenario,” he explained.

“Chasing a position [in the league table] will not get you there. You must ensure that the next game takes precedence over everything else in your life.

“In these types of situations, I don’t think you should concentrate about your future or anything else; instead, you should focus on the game and play well. And who knows. “That is exactly what it is.”We had the same talk before a few other games, but you never know what happens tomorrow. Your main concentration should be on that.

“But after that, we’re adults and we’ll deal with the consequences.” However, you must always keep your attention on what lies ahead of you.

“Imagine you’re in a final, and as a centre-back, you’re thinking, ‘What if I slip and lose the game?’ You will never put on your boots to play major games.

“You can either have the mentality of ‘I’m going to head it there and score the goal that wins us the trophy,’ or you can have the mentality that you’re going to slip and cost us the trophy. It’s a decision you must make.”

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