Miami Dolphins set to interview two potential candidate for defensive coordinator role

Miami’s search for a new defensive coordinator continues.
The Miami Dolphins are looking for a new defensive coordinator.

Following interviews with former Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley and current Buffalo Bills linebackers coach Bobby Babich, the Dolphins are allegedly planning to interview former Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier for the defensive coordinator position.

Frazier was the Vikings head coach from 2010 until 2013. During his career, he served as the defensive play-caller. Below are the Vikings’ defensive rankings throughout Frazier’s tenure as head coach:

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2010 Season: 8th in overall defense and 18th in points allowed.
2011 Season: 21st in total defense; 31st in points allowed.
2012 season: 16th in overall defense; 14th in points allowed.
2013 Season: 31st in total defense; 32nd in points allowed.

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The former athlete most recently served as the Bills’ defensive coordinator, working with head coach Sean McDermott. Below are the Bills’ defensive rankings throughout Frazier’s tenure as head coach:

2017 Season: 26th in overall defense; 18th in points allowed.
2018 Season: 3rd in overall defense and 18th in points allowed
2019 Season: second in overall defense and second in points allowed.
2020 Season: 14th in total defense; 16th in points allowed.
2021 Season: First in total defense and first in points allowed.
2022 Season: fourth in overall defense; second in points allowed.

Frazier left the organization on his own terms in 2022, but he called plays during his whole tenure in Buffalo. The Dolphins plan to meet with him this week, and Frazier is by far the most experienced of the speculated contenders.

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