LATEST NEWS : What Titans media, fans are saying about losing DL coach Terrell Williams.

Here’s what Tennessee Titans fans and pundits think about new Lions defensive coordinator Terrell Williams.
On Wednesday night, the Detroit Lions announced that Terrell Williams, the Tennessee Titans’ assistant head coach/defensive line coach, will be joining their coaching staff. According to Dianna Russini, Williams will be Detroit’s defensive run game coordinator and defensive line coach. It is unknown what this implies for John Scott Jr., the Lions’ current defensive line coach.

The overall reaction to Williams’ hiring has been overwhelmingly positive. At the very least, the Lions appear to have a coach who has the potential to become their defensive coordinator if Aaron Glenn leaves. Williams’ CV is loaded with leadership opportunities. In 2023, he was not only the assistant head coach under Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, but he also served as the team’s acting head coach for a preseason game against the Chicago Bears, which was a nice gesture from Vrabel himself.
“I think that him dealing with and talking to the trainer, and again we will have a lot of conversations between now and Friday, but just handling things with the roster and discussing those things with the assistant coaches,” Vrabel said. “How do we want to play?”

Titans' Mike Vrabel to have assistant Terrell Williams serve as head coach  for preseason game vs. Bears Sat. -

Allow him to make such decisions in-game. We’ll go into the game with things we think we need to try to get done, and I’ll assist him when necessary. I think that will be an excellent opportunity. Well deserved. Something I wanted to do.

Williams is now the head coach of the Senior Bowl’s American Team.

So, how do the Titans, who are undergoing a complete coaching change this summer, feel about the loss? The following are some of the most prominent reactions from Tennessee media and fans

Via Titans Wire:

Williams was one of the few coaches on Mike Vrabel’s staff that I wanted to keep. He performed admirably throughout his time at Tennessee and would have been an asset to rookie head coach Brian Callahan.
And here’s a preview of his coaching in the Senior Bowl this week:

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