BREAKING: Buffalo Bills Star Player Casts Doubt About Future With Team After Brutal Announcement

A Buffalo Bills top player recently expressed concerns about his future with the franchise. The star has been the subject of various rumors, with some thinking that he may be traded to another team as early as next season. He has been one of the top players in the NFL since his debut, but he has yet to break through in the playoffs with the Bills.

Buffalo Bills Star Is Uncertain About His Future

Stefon Diggs, the Bills’ standout receiver, has been the subject of numerous rumors and mock trade offers that would send him to a different team next season. These allegations were inspired by the receiver’s looming contract costs, which total $27.9 million next season. While this would be a significant price for any team to pay, the Bills may release him to make place for younger players.
Stefon Diggs Responds to Rumors.

Bills WR Stefon Diggs uncertain 'what the future holds' - ESPN

Diggs is at the Pro Bowl in Orlando this year following another 1,000-plus-yard season, and reporters have quizzed him about his NFL future.
I feel like I’m taking it day by day. Obviously, there are many changes and events taking place. I can’t really put the cart before the horse, you know what I mean? But I have a tremendous offensive in front of me, so I’m going to put in a lot of work and build around what we have and are doing. I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m still being myself.

Bills' Stefon Diggs Says Reporter's Hot Mic Comments Were 'Very Hurtful'

Will Diggs Sign with a New Team?

He was also questioned if he would be ready if the Bills opted to release him, to which he said, “I’m ready to go no matter which way it goes.” The standout receiver has been a hot issue in the NFL media, as he has declined to participate in interviews on multiple occasions. This has sparked suspicion that Diggs is preparing to leave Buffalo, which would shock the whole NFL community. Do you believe Diggs will join a new team in 2024, or will he stay with the Bills for at least one more season?

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