BRAKING NEWS : Jason Kelce Makes Bold Promise To Bills Fans

Six-time All-Pro center Jason Kelce has only played for the Philadelphia Eagles since being drafted out of the University of Cincinnati in 2011.

Although he has been all about the Eagles during his Hall of Fame-caliber NFL career, he made a lot of noise during the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs, when the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium.

Before the game in Buffalo, Bills fans held another epic tailgate in chilly temperatures, with Kelce in attendance to support his brother Travis’ bid to progress to the AFC Championship Game.

During that tailgate, Jason partied with die-hard Bills supporters and left an imprint on the crowd, which has carried over to the pledge he made the Bills Mafia via Twitter.

“If the Bills win this, I swear on Buffalo Bill’s legendary reputation I will jump through a flaming table,” he tweeted in response to a vote aired on his podcast.

Jason Kelce is a man of his word, and if Buffalo wins this vote, he will almost probably jump through a blazing table, which will undoubtedly be filmed and shared on social media.

Whether he agrees to remain for at least one more year or not, the entertainment will continue both on and off the field, with his “New Heights” podcast ranking among the most popular sports podcasts.

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