Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans From the Pro Bowl

ORLANDO — It’s Pro Bowl week.

Derrick Henry has arrived, but the Titans’ real activity is taking place in Nashville, where coach Brian Callahan has been assembling his staff.

I took a quick break down here to put together another Titans mailbag.

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Neil McGeehan from County Derry, Ireland
Question: Hi Jim, writing to you here from vacation up in NYC. I’m gonna need another one after all this walking!! I’ve always been curious about the finer details of new coach hire in the NFL. Is it a quick process? Does coach Callahan relocate & get to work right away? And i assume it’s just the same for the outgoing coach, pack your bags you’re gone!? Maybe a silly question but just curious. Hope you are well!

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Jim: Sounds like you’ve been hitting the pavement, Neil! Well, Coach Callahan has been at work as well, building his coaching staff. I’m sure you saw him at his press conference back on January 25. He was back in the office the next day, and he’s been busy ever since. He decided not to make the trip to Mobile for the Senior Bowl because coaches came to Nashville for interviews. I’m sure at some point his family will join him in Nashville, and relocate from Cincinnati. As for Vrabel, he was out the door not long after being informed he was going to be dismissed back on January 9. He told his staff the news after he got word, and was gone.

Randy Duke from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim! I was just wondering if there is any truth to the rumor that the Titans will be getting new uniforms?

Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Loss to the Chiefs

Jim: Hey Randy. I saw that rumor, too. The answer is no. No tweaks, no new uniforms. The only thing that could be an option is the light blue jerseys the team has worn previously (before the Oilers throwbacks) could potentially make an appearance, but that is still to be determined.

Blaine Miller from Fayetteville, Arkansas
Question: Hey Jim! On what date are the NFL schedules released? Could you speak to how you think Coach Callahan prepares and does against his former team? Any advantages to being the OC there last year to coaching against them now?

Jim: Early in May for the schedule release. Right now, we know the opponents, but not the dates. As for advantages Callahan might have against his old team, let’s not forget they know him pretty well, too.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: Good morning Jim. It’s funny reading your last mailbag and hearing that you started with the Titans the exact same time I started my job as an office guy rather than a manual labor guy. I started reading the mailbag during downtime here at work, not realizing that you had just started writing mailbags at the same time I started reading them. I must say, they have been the same professional consistency from day one until now, so I thank you for that! Now my question….. I have been arguing with a few friends over who we would pick if somehow Alt and Bowers were both available. They say Alt due to the fact that our O-line is the biggest need at the moment. My argument is, we also need pass catchers in a bad way, and if you can get Bowers, you get a blocker and a receiver in one pick. Being born and raised in Knoxville and a huge fan of your alma mater, I have paid close attention to Bowers during his time as a Bulldog. He is a generational talent, and I would compare his abilities to that of Kelce, and Gronk, both of whom have multiple super bowl wins. I wouldn’t mind trading up to get him. I know it’s a gamble, but so is any offensive line pick. (Just ask Jon Robinson). I’m curious as to who you would take if both players were an option!

Jim: Thank you, Josh. Hmm, an interesting thought. It’s difficult for me to predict what will happen in the draft because free agency comes first. What if the Titans sign a top-tier tackle in free agency? Does that have an impact on the draft? Maybe. I truly like Bowers; he’s a game changer.

Mason Evans of Oswego, Illinois.
Question: Hello, I am a 12-year-old Titans fan, and my question is whether or not you would quit as KING, and if so, why.

Jim: Thank you for reading, Mason. I wish I could tell you that this was my decision, but someone with a lot more money than me will ultimately decide. I would surely not vote to bid him farewell.

Kacey Burden is from Columbia, Tennessee.
Question: I understand you’ve seen a few head coaches come and go over the years. What are your initial thoughts about Brian Callahan?

Jim: Kacey, this will be coach number six for me. Fisher, Munchak, Whisenhunt, Mularkey, Vrabel, and Callahan are the six people I’ve worked with. Coach Callahan made an excellent first impression, Kacey, and I’ve been delighted with the staff he’s assembling as well. We hope to be able to officially announce some of the hires before too long.

Marcus Smith from Chattanooga, Tennessee


Jonathan Humprey from Rumsey, Kentucky
Question: JIM JIM another WIN WIN!! I love the decision on hiring B.C. and cant wait to see what he does to turn around the offense. As always, love reading your stuff everyday and always look forward to your answers to the fans questions. My question is: I see on here where you say “I talked to such an such player this week” or “talked to such and such player twice this week” and I’m wondering have you talked to Henry lately? If you have I’d be (and I bet the other fans would too) ETERNALLY grateful to hear his thoughts on the upcoming season. I mean does he want to stay a Titan? Has he eluded to thinking about a change of pace? If the Titans give him a generous offer would he consider staying vs running off to another team (pun intended)? I believe that he’s worth given at least a 2 year contract for X amount of dollars. He has earned it and keeping the ground game with the new HC at the helm might be vital to the teams overall offensive menu of options to get the job done. I’d love to hear his thoughts right now. I bet a lot of us would! Please tell Stonehouse that he is my hero and I sure hope he is feeling better cause we need that leg for sure. It sure broke my heart to watch him take those hits. Thanks Jim! TITAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: I actually talked to Derrick yesterday, Jonathan. I included the link to the story up top, but here it is again: CLICK HERE.

Jacqueline Jones of Nashville, Tennessee

Question: Will Derrick Henry sign another contract? God, please let him do so. Because he is worth everything.

Jim: I know a lot of others feel the same way, Jacqueline.

Bernita Wessel of Nelsonville, Ohio.
Question: Will the Titans keep Shane Bowen as defensive coordinator? He’s quite educated about defenses and has done an excellent job.

Jim: I admire Shane and Bernita, but the answer is no. The team is heading in a different way.

Mitch Wilson from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Question: A new GM did nothing to fix the Titans. A new head coach will not either unless…they fix the O-line. One draft pick can fix the left side of the line but the right side leaks like a sieve. We need two of the top three picks (no 3rd pick) to be O-line guys that can start this year. Would be nice if we could spend part of the 80 million to get another quality O-lineman from free agents…someone who could start anywhere. Giving Henry and Spears to get out of the backfield without the defense hanging all over them will put the responsibility square on their shoulders for the success or failure of the ground game. If Levis has time to go through his progressions, receivers will have a remarkable turn around. The ground game will be top 5. The passing game will be above average. After that work on the receiving corps and backend of the defense. Amy needs to make sure they don’t waste draft picks on injured/injury prone or mentally disturbed players. They dont need to waste a draft pick on a running back or a quarterback. We don’t need them. If you don’t need em, they are not a good deal. I guess we’ll be rebuilding for a couple of years so developmental players with a high upside for later rounds could be good for the long term. We stand a chance to lose several key players on the defense. Any insider info on what the outlook is for them?

Jim: We all know this, Mitch. Be patient. The o-line is going to look different next year – I can promise you it’s going to be a point of emphasis. And with a new o-line coach, which I’m sure you’ve heard about by now, this unit will be much better

Jason Knight is from Cleveland, Tennessee.

Question: Hello, I hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to add that I am a big Mike V supporter, and I believe that the circumstance in which he and Ran found themselves would be difficult for any coach. I also know that the players appear to love and, more importantly, respect him. I understand he had flaws, but no one is perfect. According to what I’ve read about Callahan, he has worked with a number of decent to great quarterbacks, some of whom were already outstanding, and although holding the role of offensive coordinator, he did not call plays. Thank you for what you do, and GOD bless you.

Jim: Nice to hear from you, Jason.

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